Vismap 2.0 Presentation

VisMap is an OpenGL based Program that allows rendering huge amount of data in a very short time. It’s a unique and fast Program which covers not only the visualization part, but also some distortion methods that can help to visualize data with huge over-lap.

The main idea is to provide a fast renderer for huge amount of data, that most commercial programs don’t have! That’s when I decided to go a slightly different way than most research applications. VisMap supports many data formats, such as csv, shp, svg and image files. The mapping and scaling engine makes this tool a very efficient, fast and easy to handle alternative to today’s commercial pro-grams.

VisMap supports a great variety of data types, such as:

Presentation Videos:
Make sure you watch some of our example videos, to see what VisMap is capable of! The following topices are covered here

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Vismap is developed by Hannes Anders as part of his Bachelor Project!
Dr. Peter Bak
InfoVis Chair at the University of Constance
Geographic Data Analysis Group