shuts down

starting now, this webpage wont be maintained anymore. I will however keep all the downloads and links alive, that way you can still use any tools you might need.

If you feel or think that anything is missing, feel free to contact me on IRC or via E-Mail

Max’s and Hannes’ Configs

The old links were broken, here are our ET Movie Config Packs.

uv-Max: download from: []
uv-hannes-`: download from: []

RTCW Camtrace Mod

Some guys are asking me for the Download Link of the source code of my Camtrace 3D RTCW Mod. I thought i have posted this on the Crossfire site, yet i could not find it in a quick search, so i will post it here too.

Here you go: download from: []

PS: this also contains the POPUP “fixes” and the “mm_showyourownfragsonly” cvar stuff.

Movie Maker GOLD

The Movie Maker, and yes, with the bloom feature is now available to the public.

This software project is now about 1.5 years old and developed by Smireboule and Ultraviolet . After the release of RGB by Wolfshorst we were very surprised about magarine’s ET engine hacks. So I got in touch with him and we tried to adopt this part into the Movie Maker. Original written in c we totally rewrote the whole bloom stuff in c# and made it a postprocessing feature.

Download is available from here: [].

How to enable the Bloom Tab:
Start the Software once, then go to the software install directory/settings/options.ini
Open the file with your desired text editor. Add the following entry under the [Settings] category:

it should look like that now: